Miniature Springs

Miniature Springs


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In this age of computers that fit in your pocket and surgical procedures done through a tiny incision, smaller is often better.  But making miniature springs and wire forms requires specialized equipment and highly skilled technicians.  D.R. Templeman has spent years developing the equipment and the skills to make small springs, rings and wire forms.  We make micro springs for use inside of hearing aids, miniature cameras and tiny surgical devices, to name a few.  And we are ready to put our miniature springs expertise to work for you.

The size ranges that we can work with are:

  • Wire Diameter – down to 0.004” [0.1 mm]
  • Coil Outside Diameter – down to 0.025” [0.64 mm]
  • Spring Index – down to 2.5 (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter) 

The D.R.Templeman Company is unique in the world of small springs manufacturers.  To learn more about our unique capabilities or to search our inventory of stock miniature springs, click the buttons below:

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The outstanding quality of these springs and your technical assistance has made our decision easy when choosing what company and spring to use in our new medical device.

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