Testimonials / Case Studies

Testimonials / Case Studies

Medical Industry
The D.R. Templeman Company is a proven supplier offering high quality parts, on time delivery, with excellent engineering assistance.


Medical Industry
We use two different types of springs in our medical device and each one of them can greatly affect functional performance. Prior to the mid-year 2003, we were not using The D.R. Templeman springs and our medical device had production releases/lots that failed much too often during our Quality Assurance functional inspections.  Each time this happened, we incurred great financial hardship reworking these lots. After receiving technical assistance from your company and switching to your springs, we have not had a production release failure in over six years! The springs have been very consistent as evident by our incoming QA inspection on each lot we received – not one inspection failure. The slight price increase over the competitor’s spring has more than paid for itself now that reworking our production lots are a thing of the past.

The outstanding quality of these springs and your technical assistance has made our decision easy when choosing what company and spring to use in our new medical device.

Engineering/QA Manager

Medical Industry
We have been buying various types and sizes of custom spring guides from D.R. Templeman for over 15 years. The quality of their work is outstanding, the best in the industry, as far as we are concerned. Deliveries are prompt and the company has always been very responsive to our custom product needs regardless of the required volumes.

I would highly recommend D.R. Templeman as an excellent source of custom made springs.

General Manager

Medical Industry
I am more than pleased to be able to give this recommendation to any potential customers, acknowledging D R TEMPLEMAN to be one of the “top” suppliers we have worked with over the years.

47 deliveries in the past 5 years have been ranked 100%.

Our needs start with quality which are met by you and your team, at each delivery. The prices and lead times are terrific and when we have start up ideas you work with us and our budget to get the specifics correct.

Proper packaging, correct quantities, back up parts in case of emergencies, thorough certification paperwork, prompt order acknowledgements and open communication are things that we gratefully take for granted with D R TEMPLEMAN. Respect for your customer and giving everything that it takes to keep people satisfied must be a corporate mission statement.

When it is time to find a new supplier for something other than what D R TEMPLEMAN provides, they still come to mind and my immediate thought is always……“I only hope we find a vendor like them (D R TEMPLEMAN) in this industry.”


Music Industry
Last year, we needed to replenish our supply of small springs, a critical component in one of our products.

We made contact with Richard Williams at The D. R. Templeman Company, explained our needs, sent samples and drawings and began discussions.

After examining our product, and understanding it well, Richard suggested some improvements which he explained in detail then made up samples which he sent to us to try in the product so we could make comparisons.

The samples Richard sent did, indeed, prove superior, in terms of both performance and ease of assembly to the existing components (springs) we had been using, so we took his advice and decided on the improved version he created.

We have been using these new springs in our product for almost a year now. The new springs designed by Richard provide a true UPGRADE for our product.

Thank you, Richard Williams, for your imaginative and creative work on our behalf.


We have had a very good working relationship with D R Templeman for about 15 years. As you know, you make a highly specialized spring for us. We were very impressed with the amount of time and effort you spent in the original development of this part.

Previously we had contacted two other spring manufacturers who just flat said they were not interested in helping us. D R Templeman jumped right in. It took a couple of months to get this part right. Since the initial trial stages, we have not had a single complaint from our customers.

We would like to thank you for all of your help. Our relationship has been excellent. D R Templeman's customer service has been great. Deliveries are always on time.

Any future need for springs we would definitely be done through your company. We would most certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for high quality springs.


I appreciate the cooperation and fast response we get from D.R. Templeman. They provide technical support and expertise that we simply don’t receive from other vendors. D.R. Templeman has been a valuable partner to Orange Research for many years, and I see them as a big part of our future success.


I have been working with Rich Williams and the DR Templeman Co for nearly 20 years. From the beginning they exhibited great attention to detail, superior quality and great customer service. They quickly became our primary supplier of coil springs. More recently, due to their excellent track record and willingness to work with us on something new, they were one of the vendors chosen to participate in our pilot program for kanban replenishment of purchased parts. Their performance in that system has been excellent.

David Ware
Manager, Purchasing & Inventory Control

Medical Industry
D.R. Templeman Company has been a supplier of ours for over 20 years.  Throughout those 20 years they have provided quality components to feed our production lines and have also provided technical support for our development projects.  Combine quality performance with the people at D.R. Templeman being a pleasure to work with and you’ll understand why our association has lasted for the long period it has.

Director, Quality, Regulatory, and Clinical Affairs

Animatronics Film Industry
I have been working in the film industry for 18 years and we often use cables and spring guides for control of our animatronic creatures. We had tried many types and brands over the years, but the last few jobs have been with the stainless spring guides from D.R. Templeman. They are the highest quality and have the most accurate dimensions of any we have tried. On one film we needed them with very little lead time here in Sydney and they turned up at the door just two days after ordering. Plus the range of sizes makes designing a mechanism so much easier and we can achieve very tight bend radiuses with the range of ultra small internal diameters. So any work requiring accurate quality guides, we strongly recommend their product and service.

Sculpturer & Animatronics

I thought I'd write and tell you that I am extremely pleased with the springs you made for me and the service and consideration leading up to my order. I have thoroughly tested these springs in my product and they work perfectly, being a much appreciated replacement for the inconsistent springs I was struggling with previously.

If I ever need another custom spring I'll come to you.

Thank You!


Firearms Industry
Thank you very much for the follow up. We are going to be ordering the new springs soon. Also, just wanted to let you know the other two springs you manufactured for us are working fantastic!

On a side note, I want to add that you and the staff at Templeman Company provide fantastic customer service, knowledge and communication. Not to mention that price, delivery time and quality of your products have been spot on. Keep up the good work!


Electronics Industry
Springs are working out great, and it was nice to work with a vendor that delivers exactly when they said they would. I have already recommended DR Templeman to a few people. When the need for another spring comes up, I will be sure to let you know.



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