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Coil springs or helical springs fall into four broad categories: compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and spring guides.  They are used in a wide range of applications, from tiny medical devices to automobiles to industrial equipment. Coil springs must be made to precise specifications in both size and material in order to perform properly, and at D.R. Templeman, we specialize in manufacturing custom coil springs for your most demanding applications.

D.R. Templeman is the small springs specialist; a well-equipped manufacturer of coil springs in the following sizes:

Compression, Extension, Torsion and Double Torsion Springs
Wire Diameter – 0.004” [0.1 mm] to 0.080” [2.0 mm]
Coil Outside Diameter – 0.030” [0.75 mm] to 3.0” [76 mm]
Length – Up to 50” [125 cm]
Spring Index – 4 to 24 (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter)

Round Wire Spring Guides
Wire Diameter – 0.004” [0.1 mm] to 0.025” [0.64 mm]
Coil Outside Diameter – 0.015” [0.38 mm] to 0.125” [3.2 mm]
Lengths – Up to 50 Feet [15 meters]
Spring Index – 2.2 to 4.5  (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter)

Flat Wire Spring Guides
Wire Thickness – 0.006” [0.15 mm] to 0.018” [0.46 mm]
Wire Width – 0.009” [0.23 mm] to 0.030” [0.76”]
Coil Outside Diameter – 0.025” [0.64 mm] to 0.100” [2.5 mm]
Lengths – Up to 30 Feet [9 meters)
Spring Index – 2.5 to 5  (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter)

Miniature Springs
Wire Diameter – down to 0.004” [0.1 mm]
Coil Outside Diameter – down to 0.025” [0.64 mm]
Spring Index – down to 2.5 (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter)

In addition to our custom coil spring manufacturing capabilities, we offer an extensive line of stock springs in our compression, extension and torsion springs and spring guides in our online catalogs.

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