Rings and Wire Forms

Rings and Wire Forms


D.R. Templeman: Picture of Various Rings & Wire Forms
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Wire Rings and wire forms come in all shapes and sizes, from the simplest retaining rings to the most complex wire brackets.  D.R. Templeman manufactures a wide variety of rings and wire forms from round wire utilizing state-of-the-art CNC wire forming equipment and the same expertise we use to make our spring product lines. The size ranges that we can work with are:

  • Wire Diameter – 0.004” [0.1 mm] to 0.080” [2.0 mm]
  • Coil Outside Diameter – 0.030” [0.75 mm] to 3.0” [76 mm]
  • Spring Index – 4 to 24  (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter)
  • Overall Length – 6 Feet [2 Meters]
  • Shape - Unlimited

Wire Rings can be either single coil (with or without a gap) or multiple coil. They can be round, oval, oblong like a chain link, multi-sided like a stop sign or most any other shape you may need.  Our multi-axis CNC wire forming machines give us almost unlimited abilities when it comes to making complex, three dimensional wire forms.  We can create virtually any shape a designer can imagine. Give us a challenge!

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I have been working with Rich Williams and the D.R. Templeman Co. for nearly 20 years. From the beginning they exhibited great attention to detail, superior quality and great customer service.

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