Spring Design Forms

Spring Design Forms

Our Spring Design Forms were created to make it easy for you to communicate your needs to us for design assistance and/or quotation.  The spring design forms can be filled out on-line and submitted electronically or you can print the appropriate form and fax or mail it to us.  If you have a drawing, sketch or photo, you can include it as an attachment.  As experts in custom spring manufacturing, we ask that you please provide as much information as you can, but do not worry about filling in every line.  For example, if you know what the OD needs to be then you do not need to specify the size of the hole the spring fits in.  But if you want us to design the custom springs for you, then specifying hole size and shaft size, if applicable, would be very important.  Use the Mandatory column for things that cannot be adjusted.  Use the Reference column for parameters that can be adjusted to meet the mandatory parameters.   Be sure to tell us what quantities you would like us to quote so that we can provide an accurate and relevant response.


Need more help?  Give us a call or shoot us an email.  Our custom spring engineers are here to assist you.


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