Finishing & Packaging

Finishing & Packaging

Our attention to detail does not stop with the production of your springs or wire forms.  We will also handle any finishing and packaging requirements to ensure that your parts are ready to use when you receive them.


Plating, passivating and coloring are available as required. When appropriate, we also coat springs with rust inhibiting oils for protection during shipment and storage.


Many packaging options are available to protect your springs during shipment, minimize tangling and provide maximum convenience for your assembly operations.

  • finishBulk or layer packed
  • Packed in envelopes
  • Individually sealed in plastic bags
  • Packed in tubes, on wires or on rods
  • Shipped on sticky paper


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Proper packaging, correct quantities, back up parts in case of emergencies, thorough certification paperwork, prompt order acknowledgements and open communication are things that we gratefully take for granted with D.R. Templeman.

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